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“Better Horses Television is all about the love of the horse."  It is our way of saying thank you to our friends and horses that we have met and are meeting through this journey! Join show us every Sunday on these broadcast television stations:


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Better Horses airs weekly on a world wide program that has over 25 stations across the Midwest. This program offer education and information on a wide range of topics such as horses, horses training, cowboys and cowgirls, some cattle and even Roy Rogers!


The Better Horses Radio Network is a weekly program that airs an hour of great Equine Information to our listeners. We are currently airing on over 25 stations across the Midwest, from western Oklahoma to Augusta, Georgia! We talk about God, horses, horse training, cowboys, cowgirls, rodeo, equine health, some cattle, and even about Roy Rogers. We love horses, horse folks, and the Western Way of Life and hope you enjoy listening to this show, as much as we love doing it! Check out the current listing of shows!

Better Horses Radio Network Air Date: 05/30/21

Host Ernie Rodina and Co-host Dawn Dawson discuss horse tips with today’s equine professionals.

Guests today:    
1. Pastor Steve Stafford: Inspirational Prayer
2. Lauren Thomas: Art of the Cowgirl Ranch Rodeo Competition
3. Cole Cameron:
4. Dale Shields: Cohost 'Best of America by Horseback'
5. Dr. Chris Blevins MS, DVM - Horse Tip of the Week

Previous Episodes

Air Date 05/23/21 Guests: 1. Pastor Steve Stafford 2. 1. Josh Rushing 2. Elguapo Ranch 3. Jaimie Stoltzfus 4. Dr. Laurie Beard 5. Agape Student Interview M
Air Date 05/16/21 Guests: 1. Pastor Steve Stafford 2. Patrick Sullivan 3. Dr. Wendy Vaala 4. Dr. Dylan Lutter 5. Agape Student Interview
Air Date 05/09/21 Guests: 1. Pastor Steve Stafford 2. Richard Winters 3. Red Steagall 4. Diane Haffener 5. Dr. Chris Blevins

The Better Horses Radio Network is available as a podcast.  Search for Better Horses on your podcast app. and listen to previous shows or download on any mobile devise.


2021 Spring Edition Vol. 22, No 2

  • Fort Riley Commanding General’s Mounted Color Guard Provides Link To Cavalry’s Key Part In Nation’s History (P4) - Western Art Corner: Jenny Forge-Wendt (P6) - Cowboy Church (P8) - A Bit of History on The Express Clydesdale (P9) - What’s the Deal with Equine Herpes Virus? (P10) “Lead Changes” Help Create A Happy Family (P13) -Ranch Dog Health (P14) & Much More!

2021 Stallion Edition Vol. 22, No 1

  • Premier All-Breed Horse Exposition’ Is Equifest of Kansas At Salina (P4) - Western Art Corner (P9) - How to Teach Your Horse a Foreign Language (P10) - Stifle Joint Lameness (P11) - Keeping Your Cool When A Problem Arises (P12) Rolling Acres Pet Memorial Center, Honoring Memories,
    Repaying Loyalty (P13) - Bitting (P17) & Much More!

2020 Fall Edition Vol. 21, No 4

  • Western Art Corner: Jim Clements (P4) - Lifelong Western Showman Takes Exotic Animal Entertainment Nationwide (P6) - Woodard Mercantile Adds Eureka, KS Store (P9) - Lacerations in Horses – An owner’s guide to understand the degree of injury and how to apply first-aid care. (P11) - Summer Flint Hills Cattle Roudup Brings Family Closest To Mother Nature (P15) - The Fit Rider By Al Dunning (P17) - Falling into Winter — Wilhite and Frees (P20) & Much More!

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